CM01 Camera / CM01 カメラ

Hello everyone.

I just recently bought a CM01 Camera by Computer Mouse, which is marketed as a “Windows Hello Facial recognition camera”. I had no idea what this camera was. At first I thought it could be an Intel Realsense F200 sensor, but I had no idea, so I just bought it to see what it was.

最近コンピューターマウスの「Windows Hello 対応認証カメラ」CM01 を買いました。
最初はどんなカメラなのか全く知らなかった。Intel Realsense の F200 センサーかなと思いました、でも実際に何なのか知らなかったので、一応買ってみた。

Since I was under the assumption it may be a Realsense sensor, I thought it had depth capabilities, also because I wasn’t really sure how Windows Hello works, but I just assumed it made use of depth data.

Realsenseセンサーだと仮定してたプラス、Windows Helloはどう動くのかよく分からなかったから、深度機能があると思っていた。

As it turns out, the CM01 camera is just an RGB-IR camera, made by Realtek, and based on the device ID, I was able to track it as the same sensor used for the Asus Transformer 3 Pro.

結局、CM01は Realtek社が作った RGB-IRカメラと分かって、デバイスIDで Asus TransBook 3 と同じセンサーっていうのが分かりました。

The camera itself is very simple, it’s just the Realtek sensor plus an interposer board for connection with USB 2.0, which is the same basic construct of Realsense cameras, and one of the reasons I thought it might be a realsense sensor.


As such it cannot use the Realsense SDK, but the fun thing is that since it is Windows Hello compatible, you are actually able to make use of the IR sensor itself by just using standard windows libraries.

ですのでRealsense SDKが使えないが、面白いことにWindows Hello対応になっていますので、Windowsライブラリー経由でIRセンサー自体が触れる。

I will show it latter in another post about Windows Hello and using image devices under the Windows SDK.

後にWindows HelloとWindows SDKでイメージデバイスの使用に関するポストにその使い方を紹介します。